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Creating a Culture of Value Consulting

January 25th
9:00am PT | 12:00pm ET

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Rew Dickinson


Buyers are more value-driven and want shorter time-to-value than ever before. In this climate, every business must strengthen its value-selling motion. Doing so upfront can shorten buying cycles and foreshadow smooth and successful implementations. PreSales experts are the ideal partners for buyers on this journey.

Rew Dickinson, CEO of Alpha PreSales, will join Dominique Darrow to share how to cultivate a culture of value consulting in the new year. Based on his work training teams of all sizes and industries, Rew will share how and why PreSales should spearhead a value selling motion, how to execute without additional headcount, and what challenges to anticipate along the way.

You’ll walk away with an understanding of why every company needs to implement a value-based motion and tangible steps you can take to get started.


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Guest Speakers

Rew Dickinson

CEO, Alpha PreSales

Dominique Darrow

Co-Founder and CCO, Vivun


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