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The Evolution of Sales-Led Growth in the Age of AI

July 25th
9am PT | 12pm ET

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Deirdre Sommerkamp

Today’s go-to-market teams are siloed and bombarded with new technology, product releases, and messaging at an unprecedented pace. In the era of AI, the traditional Sales-led playbook no longer works, but its core tenants can be adapted to keep up with innovation and reduce friction across the customer journey.

Deirdre Sommerkamp, Chief Solutions Officer at Skillibrium, will join Dominique Darrow for a discussion of design principles to accelerate a #oneteam approach to acquiring, retaining, and expanding customers. Deirdre will share how to construct and adapt GTM teams for success in an AI-driven marketplace, as well as the future of specialization in a world in which everyone is seemingly racing to build the best bot.

You’ll walk away with a framework to consider how to combine process change, organizational structure, and technology to reduce fragmentation and improve customer experiences.


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Deirdre Sommerkamp

Chief Solutions Officer, Skillibrium

Dominique Darrow

Co-Founder and CCO, Vivun


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