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Leveraging Specialization & Automation to Scale Capacity

March 22nd
9:30am PT | 12:30pm ET

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Landon McPeeks


With budgets still tight, new headcount rare, and the SC technology landscape improving, Technical Sales  leaders are getting creative with how to maximize their people spend and team performance via the incorporation of specialists and automation.


 But at what stage of growth does it make sense to do this? Where should you prioritize specialization vs. automation? How do you forge the right executive alliances to get approval? And can you handle change management without sacrificing performance goals? 


Landon McPeeks, Director of Solution Consulting at Nuvolo, will join Brett Crane, VP Solutions at Vivun, to share how he created a SC Effectiveness org, leveraging specialization and automation to keep field SCs focused on the human side of customer interactions and enhance the performance of the entire team.


You’ll walk away with an understanding of why/when to specialize, how to make space with existing headcount, and how to handle change management, and how to secure buy-in from company leadership by forging strong executive alliances. 



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Landon McPeeks

Director Solution Consulting, Nuvolo

Brett Crane

VP of Solutions, Vivun


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Yes, all attendees will receive a recording. All XC members will receive the slide deck and an Executive Summary of key discussion points.