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How Effective Enablement Impacts Strategic Decision Making

April 23rd
9am PT | 12pm ET | 5pm BST

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Kerry Sokalsky


The value of enablement programs is undisputed, and more Technical Sales teams are implementing them to keep pace with rapid product development and expanding responsibilities throughout the customer lifecycle. 61% of PreSales teams have a formal enablement program in 2024 (Vivun State of PreSales Report).

But many enablement efforts are ineffective, leaving Technical Sales leaders powerless to convert enablement outcomes into revenue or more resources.

Kerry Sokalsky, President & Founder of PreSales Mastery, will join Dominique Darrow to discuss best practices for meaningful Technical Sales enablement, and how when done right, SE Enablement is a strategic lever in decision-making and resource allocation.

You’ll walk away with an understanding of why you should prioritize dedicated PreSales enablement, how to carve out the time, how to measure effectiveness, and how to use the health of enablement efforts to make management decisions and build a case for PreSales asks.


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Kerry Sokalsky

President and Founder, Presales Mastery

Dominique Darrow

Co-Founder and CCO, Vivun


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