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Building Bridges: Getting Strategic PreSales Insights to Product Teams

May 23rd
9am PT | 12pm ET

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Dave Schultz

Product leaders care about revenue and value the feedback from GTM teams, especially PreSales. However, achieving a data-driven alignment between Product and PreSales teams is notoriously difficult. In a B2B climate hyper-focused on customer retention, you need to prioritize this relationship in order to stay competitively relevant and protect against churn.

Dave Schultz, a former Product leader turned PreSales executive, will join Dominique Darrow to discuss what SC data is most helpful to Product leadership priorities, how to get it, and importantly, how to communicate it. Based on his extensive experience in both roles, Dave will share what good looks like from each perspective 

You’ll walk away with an understanding of what insights matter and how to overcome common barriers to execute on a strong data-based cross-functional relationship that yields productive business outcomes.


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Dave Schultz

Experienced Cross-Functional Leader, Ex-Tipalti, Ex-Amex

Dominique Darrow

Co-Founder and CCO, Vivun


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